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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

inarticulate writer shock

inarticulate writer shock

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hcl: joenbilly
You start with an easy concept - punk floral tributes for Joe lying on the empty lot in Dedmonton where nobody remembers a kid living there at all, because it has been empty ever since Jim Mulgrew's trailer burnt down* and - you know - bad words in flowers, fingers, bad taste memorials and it doesn't matter what you feed to google because it doesn't happen... and trying to find the baby!Hugh and that history of can!rock somebody posted up (in scans methinks) and there's just all this stuff beyond words and it just pushes at me


Can you feel it, an you feel the evil? /Leitmotif

They are so lost that they have to be found /doggerel

And then I look through "urban decay" on sxc.hu (stock photos, mostly) for other equally 15-shaped ideas (starting with the remains of the juvenile detention centre which went to fucking hell when the boys rewrote reality and joe... words_fail_me_on_that_one and heading towards the seond coming of Joe Mulgrew and that quasi-religoious t-pose showboating look and photoshoppery etc...

and (of course) i should have ben writing while the going was good rather than flailing about etc and this is not making me a

inarticulate much? I seem to be sinking in this ... given me+music perhaps I need to find something a little more cheerful... emotionally my switches flip pretty easily and damn fast


I need to find the draft which talks about tributes, flowers and death. Arson.

Sometimes it takes more than one cut to make everything work

The reason Joe does the universe change twice is ponderous tragic subtext (he's trying to build a universe where the girl doesn't die at high school and make things right or at least that is the crux of it as far as things he is

Every attempt to explain is just getting worse and worse and I haven't been writing and now all the story-draft-trees have grown into a forest and I am lost.

*ans trying to find the good material that explains this in the myriad legion of 15/16/ESF drafts on my hard disk might just be pushing me over the edge into wannacry territory
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