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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Quick Little Needlework Post - Actual Freaking Size

Quick Little Needlework Post - Actual Freaking Size

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mort: hi

Colour Whitework

Hot off the needle, this is actual size and the size is teeny. It's the inner square of Theresa Wentzler's "Whitework Ornament" available here and stitched in glorious colour silk from HDF. Shockingly, there is no cross-stitch involved! Square eyelet, Algerian Eye, Chain and Satin stitches. I had been planning to make it in full as a biscornu but sat down today and realised that it just isn't a pin-cushion. As luck might have it, I picked up some teeny frames from a charity shop a couple of weeks back and this fits nicely in a 5.5cm aperture.

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