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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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vecchio: hurty
The brane is going into hospital on Monday for five days of horrible intravenous gunk treatment.

It should be just like last year (I hope) and put the kibosh on the brane's worst excesses.

So, I will be in London in hospital for the next working week. Visitors and sympathy are encouraged.

Alternatively, suggestions of things that distract would be much appreciated by me, couch potato girl chilling out with junior doctors who like to stick needles in me. At least I won't get the Vaseline hair style this time (I hope) and avoid the flashy light test (I hope).

Bonus Random Shiny Thought re Poet: What if Frannie wrote an opera/musical [rather than hazy plan that Frannie and Elaine play the twins in a genderfuck version of the Gondoliers] with actual character development [and maybe Elaine's new Canadian girlfriend can fit in somewhere] and the interesting subtextual understanding that Poet [the development hell novel that has spent too much time couch potato-ing while I try and conquer fear and apathy] is effectively a story about developing the confidence to be the person you want to be, rather than subvert yourself with the [imagined] needs of your nearest and dearest. Videlicet, Ray Vecchio's downmarket orchestra job [which he tells himself] supporting the needs of his family at the cost of his talent.
  • Good luck!
  • Best of luck with your tests and treatment! {{{{hugs}}}}

    Can you have a MP3 player or something so you can listen to music, podfic, or audiobooks? That might help.
    • *hugs back*

      Good idea, I'll separate dosk from my old battery-power one. And put on some Hugh for starters.
  • good luck with the gunk - am a bit far away to visit, i'm afraid, but sympathy can be provided.
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