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And she's back. My arms now come in glorious technicolour courtesy of a host of cannulae and attempted cannulae and - gosh - they hurt something silly. The Brane yet HATETH greatly enough for me to asprin it into submission (theoretically) and (actually) make me a little bruised zombie. The highpoints variously concern bbd as provider of edible food and tazzio as provider of cool beans and hugs. The lowpoints are that I now know more about my wardmates' continence issues than I would ever care to know. Also, not much stitching because I had been cannulated to the point of porcupine-hood. Evil vein-rotting stuff and really teeny veins pretty much cover that, though why the hell they can't just nip nextdoor [to Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital] and borrow a cup of teeny canullae is beyond me. That is about it on the interesting/nifty front. And now, buzzy attempts to caffeinate the Brane into into HATE-lite submission.

I also (shock! horror!) read some books and hopefully will talk books sanely at some juncture other than current thoughts of "omg!cool" and "omg!daft!cool" and thoughts upon the Vatican Vampire Policy.
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