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Today hasn't been much of anything except a love song to hormones, brain pain and cross-stitch.

The mystery to mummyfrog xmas stitching project has made a nice amount of process. No pictures yet.

Last night, I designed a Sim house in tribute to the oeuvre of Mike Moorcock. It is called, "The Pleasure Gardens of Felipe Sagittarius" for the benefit anybody who knows might appreciate the levels of geeky joy involved.

Finally, am avoiding my new hospital-ordained meds until we are back from holiday. GP agrees with me and this is a good thing. Also, I have stopped taking the little white pills of munchiness. For some reason, antihistamines at eleventy times the normal dose were meant to prevent the brane. Yes. Well. The down news is that some time reading back issues of this lj has identified the new interesting pills (currently deferred) as the same ones that pushed me off the deep-end in 2005. The suicidal, depressed and fucked up deep end. The deep end that ate my degree, killed my grasp of reality and frightened the hell out of EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME (not limited to tazzio, shadowkitty, Etiquette Queen, Tame American, the Chocolate Milk Girl and migaira and sundry others) and especially me. BBD agrees with me that this constitutes a bad idea times infinity and we need to wave all this under the specialist's nose. *grr* I went into detail with grey853 and already know the rules of brane-doctoring:
1) concurrent medication overuse (but I am a good girl and cut out everything they told me)
2) not developing a tolerance
3) letting my GP take me off it when I should have waited for their divine judgement
4) insufficent reporting of what happened (when I was more concerned with chucking out my old meds before something stupid happened)
5) not on our watch, guv'nor. It wasn't them personally filling me with the stuff
And all this stupid list has done is hacked me the fuck off. *headdesk*

So Happy Shiny Thoughts: 1) Cross Stitch 2) Mike Moorcock and 3) More Cross Stitch ?

I am still hating bbd's new keyboard/mouse combo. Not friendly to little fingers at all.

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