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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Fannish Thinking II (due South based)

Fannish Thinking II (due South based)

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vecchio: so together it hurts
ETA#1: this seems to be turning into a melange of my various Fraser theories with commentary and occasional attacks of Ray Vecchio and his approach to safe sex. Totally, bashing and murder and mutilation free post (so far) and I've tried to refrain from the whole shouting match genre of discovery... (ditto so far) as this is a) semi-theoretical and b) giving Vecchio all the good lines.

Okay, now with a keyboard that does not hate me, even if the "c" key is occasionally recalcitrant and the mouse is a more sociable creature and does not prejudge the size of my fingers.

My writing skills however are less than leet right now... okay, this isn't about writing skills because it isn't writing it's just my rich fantasy life here

To set the scene, Vecchio has heard that Fraser's been hanging around Boystown and he wants a quiet talk with his unworldly and far from city-smart friend...

[and no killing occurs in my subconscious today - to quote Who and mix my fannish metaphores - Nobody Dies!]

... Fraser, I know you like walking around in the dark with the wolf and re-connect with the moon and how it is the one thing the same from your world... I know the light-poles fade out the stars and... Fraser, I'm not attacking that, you need to know that. You're trapped here, and I wouldn't have you otherwise, and (christ) Benny I love you so god-damn much (nervous swallow, Vecchio blesses himself) and I know you're going to say that no part of the city is safe enough for me, safe enough to stop me being terrified for you... and you have an art for picking scummy apartments in the lousiest neighbourhoods that don't even have a bath in the bathroom... and that I... where you're walking the wolf isn't a good place to be walking at night...

... there's Vice and everything and it's prime territory for them and some of the guys there are not good people, let alone good cops and they bite wherever's vulnerable and they would just love you...

And don't do that looking thing, Fraser, not the one where don't know what's going on...

Not the one where you want the witness to confess... I deserve better than that...

It's full of fags, Benny, full of dirty fucking fags---

... like me, Ray, is that what you need to say? Dirty, fucking--

It's what they are going to say, Fraser, oh god (head in hands)

Okay, if I don't quit expanding now, I'll have forgotten the rest before I've even got there.

Suffice to say -- it is not blood on the dancefloor or anything like that...

ETA#2: I am losing this - which is peeving me no end, as this is tying up a huge chunk of my Fraserish "personal canon" - not the most helpful term since my Frasers seem to range from grand-manipulator to lonely drunk and quite a few shades in between...

The real kicker in the mental conversation where Ray gets things a little more under control

Ray V: "Keep your head down"
Fraser: "I do that anyway, Ray."
Ray V: "You're putting me off my supper, Benny."
Fraser: "Acknowledged"

Some time in this thing a shift occurred from being in the dining room casa Vecchio to a car on a stake-out -- it happens. Mostly when I talk to other people -- you guys just get it with the speech aphasia and word finding problems largely edited out.

And what else came along for the ride is:
Ray V: "I don't need to say this Fraser, be safe out there. Anything feeling halfway wrong; blow the date. I didn't just say that. And remember - Proper Protection Prevents Penile Problems."
This time, Fraser gets to lose his hot chocolate.

This ties into the Little Black Book theory. Bob kept a diary, so does Fraser, just not the same kind of diary. There's the official diary and then there's the one that starts aged 14 in the barn behind the pond and carries on through a lot...

LBB-theory also says that a) Fraser sleeps around and b) he facilitates that by signing up for obscure training courses in other more-populous/urban areas regardless of the bordom factor... or that the

Oh god, this entry is a mess and a half, I might try and write a saner and comprehensible version. So, ttfn for now.
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    • Oh god, I try and avoid this homophobia crud. I wouldn't say it shows up much but that I have been a) pretty out of the loop for the last couple of months... years? and b) I am the sort of person who edges around the issues and couches everything in a blanket of caution circumspection.

      I'm working on the next bit, but it focusses more on Fraser backstory than it does the lovely Ray Vecchio. In which, Fraser's circumspect attitude takes some explanation...

      I'll try and answer the big issues after I finish my current post. i.e. before I lose my thread entirely...
  • This all sounds fascinating and I would really like more of it.
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