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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

WIP - the cast of "On the Inside I'm a Poet" talk about Music, Love and Ink

WIP - the cast of "On the Inside I'm a Poet" talk about Music, Love and Ink

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vecchio: study hard
Yes, I know I am meant to be AFK right now, indulge me

This is all innocentsmith's fault with her amazingly witty WIP summaries, where she has totally sold me on Bertie Wooster on board the Enterprise. The characters describe the plot in their own words and it cracks me up every time I hear "The future is full of nice people and unspeakable tailoring" which is currently every three minutes and she wins special cookies from Harvey. Another film that makes buzzy a rather damp cinema-goer.

All that remains is to establish whether that was Roger Delgardo in "the Mouse that Roared II" /tangent innocentsmith envoked Ainley Master. It's a compulsion.

All that remains is to let the cast of On the Inside I'm a Poet to clue us in on the plot so far, while I try to remember where I put Irene and Charlie's job-unsatisfaction. For newcomers - this is the WIP that lies sleeping beneath the waves - and concerns a complicated due South AU (with some guest stars doing supporting roles - most memorably Billy Tallent sucking Turnbull off at a Hollywood party to prove his punk credentials) where everything revolves around music in some shape or form and Ray Kowalski plays guitar, Ray Vecchio is in love, and Stella wonders why she isn't haunted by the ghost of her father. Suffice to say, summarising this takes forever/ at least two hours and I haven't even got to the really interesting stuff and my obsession with a)skinwalkers b)epic backstory c)gay club sex d)tattoos and e) everything else.

The Cast of Poet, Those Who Know It

Sandor: If only they'd talked to me, or we'd be safe on the West Coast by now.

Ray K: for the couple of weeks after the bank thing, I really wanted to be a cop. I listened to my folks, even Stella's mum thought it was a really bad idea and I studied hard, went to college... and then dropped out to play guitar. I'm not here to earn megabucks - I don't want to write sentimental soft-rock mush. So, I did a song about my dad; that's a union requirement, every guy has to write a song about his old man. Stella keeps making noises about pension plans and songwriters and now somebody's bought Joey out and this new record company want to hook me up with some corporate song-writer guy. If there's one thing I do, it's my own stuff, that's how I'm wired, singing anything else would be like singing a lie.

Stella: After the death of my father, I realised that I can't live Ray's dream for him any longer. I've gone back to Law School and am building myself the future I want. Ray and I have been split up for some time, but I'm still handling the management issues [planning is not Ray's strong point] and Family Records has made an offer to look after Ray and help him in ways I never could. I'm not sure what I'm doing after school, but I've been talking to Louise StLaurent and Sherri O'Neill about... lawyer stuff. I can't talk about it right now, but it means I've got caught in my mother's circle again - seedy developers, charity benefits, suitable marriage prospects - but this time, I'm tough. That and one good thing has come out of all mum's manipulations; I've met somebody and his name's Ray too.

Ray V: Former child prodigy winds up in a second-rate orchestra and playing events for the gliterati who talk over everything I play. I do television music and semi-pro orchestra with my soprano sister, Frannie; at night I go star-gazing and listen to the music of the spheres. I can't believe that nobody else can hear it, but I can't go crazy, not now. I do it for my folks; after the Mob iced my father and sent me cart loads of flowers, I'm the man of the family and I look after them. And then I met her -- Stella -- the only truthful person in the room and I think she's the one. Only I didn't realise that her folks were the Herschel clan - the Great Lakes Gettys themselves - and that freaked me out just a little.

Frankie Zuko: As chief creative officer at Family Records, I treat all our company like Family. I was so sad when Joey Paducci had to close up Goat Music and relocate to Florida so I thought, why don't I help these talented artists? We an offer all of Goat Music's clients a full development package, significant investment and the advice and guidance of our professional artistic consultants. We would especially like Mr Kowalski to join our Family and have engaged a well-known songwriter as a goodwill gesture. Some people say that Family Records leaves other publishers at a financial disadvantage, but I have a considerable personal investment in our future. For example, I pay our dedicated florists from my own pocket and everybody knows how important flowers are in spreading goodwill and friendship.

Joey Paducci: Who keeps sending me all these flowers? Not that the Bella Dona don't look pretty but I have a tomato allergy and aren't they poisonous anyway?

Renfield Turnbull: This is a strange gig and I wouldn't have taken it up except I needed to get out of Inuvik as our arrangement is increasingly unworkable. Normally, I get hired by the artist themselves not a production company. Ray is really unique and I've got every record he ever pressed and most of the bootlegs in circulation. I have a contact in Toronto, who proved to be otherwise engaged during my lay-over and this has just added to my frustration. I hope there are some lively clubs in Chicago, if Ray gets confrontational - just listen to "on the Waterfront" - I am really going to need it.

Andreas Volpe: I keep on offering Kowalski gigs at the Asylum and he keeps turns me down. Fortunately, Ray is good with everything else I offer and - trust me - he is so good for me you can even ignore the shouting. He brings a guitar; everything changes. Employees are the ultimate wallflowers and he'd have to tell the ex where the gas money's coming from. It's a shame to have a car too expensive to run and I offered to help some, but we never got down to it - the auto mobile - we were too busy checking the oil.

This isn't even the entire and whole cast talking here - I'm yet to interview/interrogate a goodly chunk of the supporting cast:
* Bubba Dean is out, taking lifts from strange women, and looking for a good time. He is an attention grabber and loves it. He is also prone to wearing pink cowboy hats, tight jeans and not much out. By far the leader of the pack when it comes to sex with four orgasms and a lot of pleasant thoughts.
* Stanley hangs out at the Asylum, Ray Kowalski doesn't... (whatever Volpe says)
* Louis is looking for revenge after Frankie blew up his Plymouth Road Runner with his boyfriend in it.
* The guy from Cascade should be partnering Louis but is at counselling.
* Jack Huey has a plan and it starts with getting the Ducks somewhere to call their own.
* Wilson Welsh, the lieutenant, is hanging on desperately to community policing
* Harding Welsh, the orchestra conductor, thinks Vecchio could do better
* Some more weird and wonderful people
* Also staring: Frannie wants Elaine back and astrology is not going to get in her way.
  • Bit complicate :) but very, very rich.

    Andreas Volpe: I keep on offering Kowalski gigs at the Asylum
    Love that!

    and Billy Tallent sucking Turnbull off at a Hollywood party to prove his punk credentials definitely made me think of Californication's Ashby!

  • This is all amazing and completely cracked out.

    Frannie wants Elaine back and astrology is not going to get in her way.

    I almost want this as its own separate story. Best summary ever!
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