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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Try and write a email to your consultant explaining that you are…

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vecchio: hurty
Try and write a email to your consultant explaining that you are bug-terrified of the medication they want to put you on and which et your life for six plus months.
  • That's actually a pretty good place to start:

    Dear (doc):

    I wanted to thank you for your recent recommendation of MedName, however I have some serious concerns I hope you can address. In Year, I was prescribed MedName at Dosage X, by Doctor Y. I took it along with List of All Other Meds I was Taking and Dosages. I took MedName for 6 months, and had the following effects: bug-infesting terror and life being completely eaten.

    I am now on List of All Meds I'm Taking and Dosages, however am very concerned that if I re-start MedName, I'll have the same effects. Can you explain why you want me to try MedName again? Are there other alternatives we should look at? What can be done to ameliorate the bug infesting and life eating?


    • I def. second this! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you don't complain nothing will change. :(
    • I third this!

      No brain-eating drugs for my Miss Buzzy. *pets*
    • fourthed.
    • I am going to write that email (eventually)

      This really impresses me (and helps a lot) because all my brane supplies are bloody terror and disassociation.
      • I'm glad it helps - written correspondence is really about all that goes into docs' heads, since written correspondence goes into your actual record.

        Feel free to cut & paste! Save it in your docs so you can use it for all your docs!
  • Oh, and feel free to cut, paste, and change the names as needed. :)
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