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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, I just keep freaking out then freaking out about freaking out…

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fraser: I want to break free
Today, I just keep freaking out then freaking out about freaking out and then freaking...

It's not funny. It's scary and currently EVERYTHING seems to be scary. A worrying state of affairs... and I can continue freaking along those freaking lines for freaking ever and I never will get quite loose.

I had been thinking to re-engage the writing muscle and have a look at POET and try to figure out what the hell I've been doing and how this draft iteration changes and challenges previous draft iterations and how the hell all this stuff is hibernating inside the buzzy brane while I have a rich imaginary life that has very little content... and keeps reiterating itself like a meme gone confrontational. I don't get why confrontations (of the fannish yet kitchen sink variety) turn up more times than not because I hate confrontations which turn up in freaking out scenarios way too often.

Buzzy may be getting too wrapped up in her own head.

I borrowed a Robert Rankin book from the library (the Witches of Chiswich*) and the horrible combination of smart ideas and a narrative voice that drives me around the bend does not make for bookish happiness. That said Mike Moorcock does and the_dosk found an excerpt from his Doctor Who tie-in novel Coming of the Terraphiles (doubtless findable in all shades of elsewhere) and the kids don't know what they've got coming. It's everything I like about Moorcock in a couple of hundred words of awesome - there's the voice, the shed load of interesting detail and... Captain Cornelius! And he is...
Searching for the only being he acknowledges as his peer, who might join him or at least help him; who is known simply as ‘the Doctor’...

And I cannot describe my feelings of anticipation and appetite for this -- I tried explaining the Joy of Moorcock to brother mine and it didn't work very well after I explained that "everyone is everyone else" * and this complicated matters substantially. I still steadfastly recommend "the Black Corridor" to everyone ever.

Oh, and take a close look at the quote on the book cover. It is made of *grin*

*pronounced Chiz-ick as far as I know such things
*perhaps invoking Lucifer Arkwright (by Brian Thing) as an invocation/acceptance of the multiverse and how I learnt to stop worring and love Jerry.
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