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Don't Want to be A Bad Guy - The secret life of Armando Langoustini

As I was considering Callum and Hugh's secret life as a (were)wolf pack of two and writing hyper-detailed versions of reality with a touch of pathetic fallacy (A-level Eng Lit has a lot to answer for) and my mind shifted to Armando Langoustini and swimming pools. Compare/contrast the last pool Langoustini saw (and the poor bastard in it) with the one Mandy sees on his night out with its climate defying green blanket. And somewhere something clicked (not the right word, but, hey) - Mandy and William fuck like things that fuck muchly and fucking connect (Howards End - Only Connect... etc Eng Lit - again - only person in class that liked the book) and the writing brain said:

- What William?
- Well, you were thinking Mr William Boisy - Billy Tallent - and what about that other William...
-Eh? (Early Morning Thinking)
- What about William as in Bloody?

Which is very interesting. Originally "Mandy is a nicegay catholic boy" was conceived as Armando!RayV and Acapulco!RayK somewhere in the desert with a bad case of identity issues.... then it became (real boy) Armando - besides everything, he's more interesting to write - and the addition of a different CKR in the form of a pre-movie Billy Tallent in his own secret identity as William...

And that might have been a little intentional "nearly the same" and might not - in my present nirvana of perfect understanding of the nature of my universe - actually never worked.

The emotional connection element was hiding out in the back of my head rather than getting written about and while I love a good game of consequences I couldn't get from here (desert with Mandy) to there (deep connection and promises not theirs to keep...) and there (Mandy going against a life of violent caution and speeding up when he sees some patrol cars only to crash out" (and enter Ray V as the new Armando Langoustini and sequelitus with post-movie Billy realising that this isn't the guy... etc).

The fast connection thing (and I thought about LaT and her Spike/RayK jewel Infinite (really deliciously wrong) earlier in the week - it must have been slooshing around the buzzy!brain) and that suddenly makes more sense with the other William and then it would change the ending from road crash to something else entirely (especially if the feds/mob suddenly found themselves with an Armando-shaped hole) and would tie into Mandy's disconnection with Armando's business model and the dual identity model.

Okay, that might be enough thinking for now, talking to you guys always makes things clearer and forces the ideas to 'fess up and tell me what they think they are doing.

Hugs and cookies for everyone!
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