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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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welsh: headdesk
Recently, I've been pretty well out of it. I have crept out of my fuzzy cocoon of brane, meds and memory lapses to make a very important Public Service Announcement for all Canadafen and other Six Degree Related Mavens.

Also, for people of Callumnity:

Shattered is on Universal (which was still Hallmark yesterday.

They gave CALLUM KEITH RENNIE his own Detective Show!

Which has been much appreciated by Fen of All Persuasions.

You have ONE AND A HALF HOURS to wash the cat and stroke the flatware.

*except the bit where bbd is videoing it as I appear to be that out of everything lately.

You know you are in trouble when the calendar is marked A (for Asprin) and your mummyfrog has marked a day as *buzzy!fits* last week...

Also, BBC2 is showing due South at 13.00 daily - no adverts!
All I need now is my daily Mike Holmes reinstated.
  • Um, not to be too negative here, but....try out Shattered before you get too excited. It's not what I was expecting when I heard he was in a new detective show. Maybe you'll love it. It's a little much for me.
  • Callum's show is a good, too, dark, but good. I like it.
  • holy crap. i need to see this show!!!!
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