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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, I haven't been around much (again) and listing the sundry…

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hugh house
Okay, I haven't been around much (again) and listing the sundry reasons why and events of suck is getting too depressing. We have just time-adjusted my meds to everything at bedtime, which might make me a little more together during the day and might even enable me to string words together in a way that is comprehensible and a little less random. Other than that, I have (currently) forgotten all the cool things I want to tell you -- although I have just done my first ever drawn thread project (needlework) and two "knit and natter"s have started in Town and there may be blood on the dance-floor. Tears before bedtime are a paternal possibility - bbd has been trying to repair my co-volunteer's computer from wanton cruelty and small parts that go ping. Said computer is trying to claim asylum from somebody who tinkers with the bios despite repeat instructions to the contrary. [normally after the last time he blew the computer up -- last month through to at least ten years ago] Today, brane is being cruel and unusual and trying to find new things to do. This is a not good thing.

ETA: my dreams are getting vivider - and I'm still warm and fuzzy about Callum and Hugh in pinstripe suits and on green screen sets and other niceties
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