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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Buzzy loves Acronyms but hates Andora

Buzzy loves Acronyms but hates Andora

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fraser: I want to break free
I went to get the XPoM (Xmas Present of Mystery aka Mum's Yule Cross Stitched Object) to the framers and we got very lost. Annoyingly, it was hundred or so yards from where we started and our contact had lousy mobile reception and not great at Transmitting Latitudinarian Dimensions via Telegraphy. Yes - none of my acronyms sound particularly great or like familiar household words (though what your household does is no indication of this) but YMMV

The Inane Nativigatory Satellite A N E - uh, working on that one - decided we were driving in Andora, which is a small independent municipality in Europe and akin to Luxembourg and not in South America (which bbd - big bad Daddy - is going to remind me for the next week. He says my geographic knowledge is a thing of wonder; in that he wonders how I get anywhere. He didn't ace his Year 9 Geography exam with 90-bump % - it was about limestone, interesting films about peoples of the world having been axed from the national curriculum in favour of ignoring local interesting cliff formations of world-wide fame (and no bloody blue birds - ok?) in favour of interesting cliff formations at other extremity of our historic British coastline).

This sucked. Framer is very nice and I need to level up my Expanded Equal Present Policy so that rest of immediate family get something of equivalent value. It will be very nice when it is done, which is another way to justify cost:maternal happiness.

Annoyingly, when carrying out such secret missions - XPoM / MYCSO - it makes it very hard to talk about your day and the exciting developments in satellite technology that enable a whistle-stop tour of one of Kent's best surviving medieval towns and the second most incomprehensible one way system in England (number one is Dover - as tourists tell me) and sundry lessons on the failings of technology.

Knit and Natter was also good, if I have a derth of things to say, it is because I don't repeat gossip. I only tell you once. Boom Boom.
  • I've said this before...

    ...but there's a few of us who really have to find a way to get you to have some kind of Facebook presence...

    Missin you -

    • Re: I've said this before...

      I am not impressed with facebook and its walled garden approach etc.

      But I really do need to talk to you more. Especially after I saw the Claremont/Mario Thing collaboration with all those girls running wild. Rarrr! I can't quite drawn the line between the cheese and *handwave* everything else, which (thankfully?) stopped me buying it last time I was in Canterbury and a little merry from pizza and caffeine. ANd the world's smallest desert in the form of chocolate tart the size of two dairylea triangles. Seesh. Four Squid! That's about a quarter of underdressed x-women behaving wildly (out of character, except Pheonix II, who really does dress like that).

      Your presence has reminded me of the dark chocolate Bounty bar in the fridge...

      Come to think of it, I need a drink. Back shortly.

      ETA: nice, perhaps I should eat the other half, nothing healthsome about today's eatering

      Edited at 2010-11-22 10:04 pm (UTC)
    • Re: I've said this before...

      Please tell me I haven't hacked you off.

      I've been a little squirely lately and sure want to talk to you more.
  • You have missed your calling as an acronym maker! i wonder how one applies for a job like that? :)
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