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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More YAY in My DAY

More YAY in My DAY

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fraser: cartoon
The other cool thing of today: Mummyfrog came home with huge (36 skeins) bag of stranded cotton thread from a named manufacturer bought at the charity shop where M has under observation. It came in last week and she has followed its progression from donation, via pricing/back room of doom and onto sale, whereupon she swooped down.

It's a load of Anchor cotton made in India for the local market and everything other than the yellowing whites (which mummyfrog suggests I use as varigated) is lovely, numbering-intact and substantial. What with the XPoM, I had little in way of conversation and newsiness to pay her back for the 3 squid it cost her.
  • Score!

    You could also dye the yellowing white some other colour!
    How lucky!

    I just bagged a whole mess of lace, ribbon, and floss myself that no one wanted.
    • Re: Score!

      Ther is nothing more exciting than finding really exciting craft stuff hiding under a pile of granny ornaments/horrible picture frames/etc. Okay, maybe paragliding, but I don't like heights. ;-)
  • Good for you!
    I was just wondering why this is listed as "may contain explicit content"? :)
    Anyway, best from Switzerland! *hugs*
    • To get around the faint posssibility I will pull myself together and get my writing ya-ya back and actually produce some (uh) content. ;-)
      *huge hugs*
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