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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The cymbal crashed like a falling angel as Hugh held Callum close and…

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hcl: joenbilly
The cymbal crashed like a falling angel as Hugh held Callum close and whispered, "there's something; something in my blood, something bad... and I can not want you more than this."

Noel barked like a Pekinese high on chocolate drops and poisoning itself with every morsel of lust and hunger. The boys inside the machine - the Swamp Babies born to the bayou gothique, where the gory and elemental roam visiting justice on the darkness - untuned their instruments further.

And there is something bad, something in Hugh's blood and Callum cannot care - his lips are still taste of Frank's Cock and he knows something - EVERYTHING - of self destruction's most attainable game. What is it, he asks, the big ticket to the whorehouse in the sky, something like cancer that consumes the heart of everybody you love. And it is nothing like that, nothing at all like that. And then they come and the teeth sink into Callum's neck as the darkness reaches out for him and Callum comes just as his breath stops.

this is it

Can't be anything else, lone wolves are never meant to be - they just scavenge lives from the roadkill of destiny. Hugh never had a destination - and now - he does. Half a dozen steps from salvation and the only person he would go hard and cold for...

- angels come to tell me things and I start thinking - knickers, buzzy
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