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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

ETA: less interuption issues right now - just battering my keyboard

ETA: less interuption issues right now - just battering my keyboard

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ckr: fear is negotiable
The cymbal crashed like a kamikaze angel fighting to the last man and beyond, as Hugh pushed Callum hard against the wall, the brick tearing bare skin like a hundred poison barbs, and rested there for a terrible moment. tell me you want this, you want this, the only way this can go is down from here. Far away, Noel yapped orders at the children of darkness as Bruce lit up and house lights went down on John as he smeared body paint against the half tiled
  • Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

    Brane is most obdurate these days.

    I happen to think the Capt. Jack Harkness/Mummy fanfic idea has potential.

    XO and Ho-Ho,

    • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

      Hey! It was Carry On Screaming yesterday: so no Frying Tonite!

      I'm more thinking werewolf (canadian actors) rpf right this second, if I can get the brane to do what I want for a change.

      I have been very Sampler-y lately. I really like samplers.

      Too cold. (You might laugh, but you won't because you're you)
  • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

    I've become a shocking pussy about the cold myself, so I won't at all.

    XO Bees.
    • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

      It's getting silly with the snow here. It's hard to explain how frustrating all the moaning and "why didn't they buy more grit/snowshovels/sun-lamps/etc" gets while folks wilfully ignore that freak weather doesn't turn up on a regular basis, let alone twice in two months with a (just plain cold) week interval in the middle. *seethes*

      Seethings could be used to melt the snow.

      I should talk about something less provoking - like killer xmas cake.
  • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

    Also - because you probably missed this:


    XO PJM
    • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

      Leslie made the news here (too). I knew his dad was a mountie (and taught Paul Gross to tie his boots properly) but the brother in government, I didn't. And that conspiracy plan is too too possible.

      Co-coincidently, bbd was watching Uncle Lenny in concert. Still think that Closing Time is not too jolly.
      • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

        I still love the fact that Mr Neilson used his digital fart machine during his Barbara Walters interview.

        • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

          If I knew Barbara Walters when she fell on my head and called me mama...

          Otherwise, I am informed that Aldi has upped its chocolate stock to gargantuan proportions. Like eight + feet high and on pallets. Darn, I need to stop thinking about the 45% chocolate chocolate
          • Re: Pre Christmas Canadian Cuddles

            Your card came in today - you are ever the sweetest of all possible Bs.
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