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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Everything that wasn't books was socks. Everything that wasn't socks…

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hugh house
Everything that wasn't books was socks. Everything that wasn't socks was books. Almost.

Serious happiness caused by the Dr Who: Brilliant Book 2011, which is so far from typical annual fare to be an entirely different species. (And I have the first ever Who annual from the 1960s... turn the clock back ten years + a bit and we are talking about my First Fandom and my copious collection of Who books) I also have had high levels of Annual exposure throughout my childhood and can spot insert space facts here/ wordpuzzles / and cartoon strips lifted from old comics / and wondering what a hepcat was and why Aunt May was one / and this could go on for a freaking long time / as buzzy has rather a lot of the darn things / and even some that are less than terrible..

So, that means real and interesting content, serious involvement from the Who team, painted artwork, Brian fuking Aldiss writing the short story (and we know how I felt when they nabbed Mike Moorcock) and sheer unadulterated love. And a Lie too Big for the Psychic Paper...

Randomly: Grant Imahara is the Captain Slow of Mythbusters and "these experiments were carried out by trained experts" is another Lie too big for the Psychic Paper.

The Xmas Present of Mystery went down well with mummyfrog and the most obvious presents (kindle covers for the his and his kindles) went well-crafted and better smelling.

Finished another x-stitch related thing - am still into samplers. Long sentences and people skills still less that great.
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