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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Why Don't You I

Why Don't You I

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hugh grin
I really need to get a New Doctor icon something silly. Why?

Walking past Alan Hughes's Gentlemen's Outfitters...

...a poster of the Doctor:

He chose Harris Tweed,

Why don't you?

And so, I am muchly amused, even if the brane is throwing a hissy fit.

Secondly, "work" provided real archaeology and some very convertible Roman intaglios and an Archemeidid (ancient Persian, apologies for spelling) cylinder seal which somehow ended up in a Roman bath-house in southern Britain. This very nearly makes up for re-typing the whole report as written by a comma-fetishist. Also, my boss buys his (dubious trilbies and hyperflat caps and other non-specified) hats at Alan Hughes.
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