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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Why Don't You II [t'otherwise known as get back and write, buzzy]

Why Don't You II [t'otherwise known as get back and write, buzzy]

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vecchio: study hard
[t'otherwise is so _really_ a word, you can quote me on that]

Should I sign up On the Inside I'm a Poet or Don't Want to be a Bad Guy for the ds_c6d_bigbang?

Possibly a silly question to be asking you folks...

For the benefit of those who don't know my killer stalled big fic projects:
* On the Inside... is my response to the 2007 dSSS (due South Secret Santa) and about 40,000 words of quarter-done epic "Music and Mobsters" [hey, I've just coined this term and I think it's kind of nifty] AU staring [deep breath]
  • Ray Kowalski (the accoustic punk),
  • Ren Turnbull (Canadian song writer),
  • Ray Vecchio (the man in tune with the music of the spheres) and...
  • Stella Kowalski (Late-start Law Student and totally kick-ass)
and also featuring
  • Sandor (an enabler)
  • Frankie Zuko (mafia florist)
  • Frannie (mezzo-soprano and would-be astrologer
  • Mark Smithbauer (Ren's sometime brother/roomie/enabler)
  • Joey Paducci (owner of Goat Records)
  • The Ducks (kings of the 2-7 and trying to find Joey)
  • Stella's Mother (who wants her own cast list)
  • Benton Fraser (the man who invented Bubblegum/Bluegrass)
  • Harding Welsh (who is where he belongs)
  • and some folks I've mislaid

*Don't Want to be a Bad Guy has gone through a series of name changes but started out as Scissor-Sister inspired song-fic and is now considering renaming and reformatting itself as the Shades of Grey Mix. It's best known as "Armando Langoustini is a really nice gay Catholic boy" and features Armando and Billy Tallent meeting at an gay underground sex party somewhere in the Nevada desert. It is my stated aim to make you like Mandy while still demonstrating that the Bookman is a hundred shades of bad person.

*And there is still the "wolf pack of two" RPF werewolves plot bunny...

Should buzzy try a big bang?

Buzzy, try and get yourself together before you jump in
Buzzy, jumping in at the deep end is a bad idea if you haven't swum in forever
Buzzy, your metaphors are cliched
Hell, yeah!
You worry too much, it doesn't have to be anything you've already stalled on...
Break out the pom-poms
Just try writing something without the pressure
Try writing something with a little gentle pressure
Buzzy, you suck at deadlines
What she said, plus you end up madder than a stoat on madness pills with deadlines
Buzzy, you still worry too much and deadlines do not help
Uh, music AU porn
Buzzy, you just go nuts on poll options and then worry too much
Uh, Fic! Please!
run out of answers

If Buzzy wrote something, what should she write?

  • I don't know if I voted or not - I keep getting a page saying "you are not permitted to see this poll." :(

    Anyway, I "break out the pom-poms" for "...On the Inside"!!!!

    Do it! *\o/*
  • If I could write a big bang fic, you could do it in your sleep.
  • (no subject) -
    • you might regret mentioning Poet...

      It's insanely neat, it's just I try to give it a read-through and never finish because I start "improving it" and soemtimes I am not the great writer I think I am (both parts of that are the handiwork of the brane, which is a huge fan of false confidence and all-purpose fail) and the results can be weird and hard to track/trace back and I got up to version T before I finally got stuck. Partially, it's a multiple viewpoints/story threads problem since I needed to catch up [Stella, Veccchio and the disaster that is "coffee"] with [Bubba and Ace in an alley outside Volpe's gay night spot, the Asylum] so that I could comfortably get on to [Frank and his "personality" problems and interest in "floristry"] and [the true story of how Muldoon killed Buck's other partner] with a huge dose of magic realism, ink and general strageness. Uh, it's not that complicated, honestly... except the bit where I'm about a quarter of the way through (I think) on the whole plot thing.

      uh, floristry? think the valentine's day massacre, which happened in a florist's shop afik
      • Re: you might regret mentioning Poet...

        There's "active" revisions in at least five places and I lost track of what the hell I was doing when I slowed up. Agh!
        • (no subject) -
          • quasi-rnadom meta of dubious helpfulness

            I saw JIB rather recently and I was thinking along the lines that if Irene is a (doomed) Juliet and we take Louis as Mercutio (honestly - do you bit your thumb at me? Yes, I do bite my thumb) and Ray is a Romeo (trying to plan an escape in an increasingly poisonous situation) then what does it make Fraser? I was thinking about this because the whole way through, he's not the honest good guy we type him as. He's trying to play the various mob guys against each other and manipulate the situation so they take each other out. [He's not keeping enough of an eye on the people he really cares about - emotional abstraction? ] He seems to be more of an Iago (Put some money in your purse... etc and I HATE OTHELLO but that is where he seems to fall) Furthermore, fall might be the right word here...

            The reason I hate bloody OTHELLO (and something like 75% of A-level Eng Lit) is it hits on my number one squick: People Being Bloody Stupid. I have a bit of a rep (amongst some peeps) for being unsquickable - really, my squick just isn't where fangirls keep theirs.
  • Buzzy love, I have no doubt that you could meet a bigbang's wordcount with ease and write something really cool - what I doubt is your ability to do it within a deadline. (I doubt it for myself too with reason btw, I have yet to finish the BB I started two years ago...)

    So the question is whether a deadline will help you write or whether it will hinder by adding more pressure - and I think you have to look at your previous experience with deadlines to decide.
    • I love that bat <3

      You are the voice of sanity [I hope you appreciate that] and you've got to the problem... uh, this is a bit inarticulate but boils down to you = win, smart and perspective.

      The number one problem is my deadline issues/history.

      As long as I hang onto my perspective (and a couple of years away from academic deadlines has probably helped) and I'm thinking of the Not Terribly Dead Line (the gang are dS people and pretty much deadline optional) as more of a handy landmark than an absolute thing. As long as I can hang on to that viewpoint and shut up the screaming mi-mi-s (courtesy, brane, mostly) I think it might work out.

      And I think I'm there more for the support and it's easier to swim in a school. Rather than the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Ficcer (sorry!) which probably undermined the last attempt as I closed in on myself. It's way too easy for me to isolate myself, tell myself that it's too complicated to explain enough (but actually folks don't seem to mind in practice) or that I should have something more concrete before I show it around etc...

      I think you get "me" pretty darn well and the self-isolation thing turns up quite a lot now I'm "away" from most of the people I know /friends /back home post-uni and it's a little too easy to turn that into hiding "stealth" mode, if you get what I mean.

      • Re: I love that bat <3

        *grins* I love all the bestiary icons!

        I'm glad I came off as 'voice of sanity' - I was a bit worried I was 'voice of discouragement' which was not the idea.

        I think your point about the loneliness of the longficcer is a very good one - I didn't take enough advantage of the BB support when I had a go but it did seem to be a very useful and lovely thing. And of course you are right that it will be a very good way to un-isolate yourself and your writing. It's the not stressing about it that is the crux, isn't it?

        Anyway, I am fully onboard with turning off stealth mode, and whenever you wish to regain perspective give me a shout and I will supply virtual hugs and encouragement to go 'ommm' and think of trees and mountains!
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