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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The Brane may have knocked my massive Intellect out of the game and…

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hugh house
The Brane may have knocked my massive Intellect out of the game and me out of consciousness for a couple of hours, but today rocked enough to get me a really great new bag of extreme peacock-like beaded shininess and enough positive energy to muck around with photoshop long enough to get something I am reasonably happy about. I'm thinking I should make myself a couple of WIP fanfic icons so I can figure out what my entries of writering angst are about. It might help everyone else a bit too! The darn things proliferate something fast now I've got into a more enthusiastic / positive headspace. It's rather like Dinky Duck and his skyhook, I just need the self awareness / depresseds etc etc not to burst my bubble before I have something tangible to show for myself. I need progress that's noticeable and pretty darn fast - this I have learnt from cross stitch etc. So, here is today's blather post. You've already read it, well done!

Now just to get the typings and writings working next! That and hire dosk to do some photography of the stitchy and the gorgeous new bag (he thought it was a waistcoat).

Alternatively, my hat makes me look like Jayne from Firefly, only [insert adjective here].

Popular adjectives include: shorter, really short, female, with glasses on...

p.s. I went and signed up for the big bang - next job find out what WIP is going to get defrosted and then thaw things out and kill out the homophones (Brane's secret weapon*, as if it needs it]

*for people who haven't got to meet Brane - it's my lovely case of chronic headache/migraine - and it is pretty darn good at messing me around
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