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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Nothing Here is Ever News

Nothing Here is Ever News

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hugh house
Okay, so two days was as long as it took for Brane to eat the positive mental attitude thing or, at least, nibble around the edges. The short version is that I feel pants right now and would kill for painkillers. I am sure there is some measure of irony in that.

Just bear in mind that Brane is disappearing words again.

Anywhichway, I decided that Miss Marple is not my thing, so I hopped around the internets a bit. And had a look at abandonedplaces for all my abandoned buildings and creepy ghost town needs. I don't have it friended for sheer volume reasons.

[There is a reason why Episodic Romance went all showdown where it did. I'd been looking up some Blues Brothers references, read up on the mall car chase scene. The mall had closed down mere months before and the owners "donated" it to the local high school in lieu of taxes. They ended up using it for gym classes and it was something of a heated point locally since some of the building methods used extremely un-recommended building materials/methods of dodgy toxicity. I'm an amateur archaeology/ architecture fancier who likes lurking in seedy locales. Fortunately, my home town has plenty of them. Unfortunately, it is not a great place to live when the response to WWII bombing sites is tarmac and a sign saying carpark. Dead malls were - as I found out - a really fascinating and peculiarly American phenomenon. There are fansites and things. To get back to the start of the digression, the mall/amusement park hybrid where Ray and Fraser confronted the Big Bad is totally real and researched.]

I like it when my weird interests meet my weird fanfic. Cue absolutely nobody being in the least surprised by this revelation. 15 / Every Single Failure - the pre-Hard Core Logo project with torturous view-point issues (and technically a post Hard Core Logo project and a real-world Hard Core Logo project and involving way too much weird science for words) has Joseph Mulgrew, a smart kid who burned down the science block at High School for no discernible reason. Or (more accurately) nobody asked the right questions. Or asked the questions after the girl hanged herself in the lab and noticed why.

Joseph wants to save the girl.

Joseph Mulgrew was dead at 15.

Joseph Mulgrew never existed long enough to be dead.

So, the post about a burnt out school in Texas [lots of pictures, not dial-up friendly] came with its own "legend" about suicides, ghosts and unexpectedly collapsible roofs. It pretty much ties into the same archetype with its own girl who died in the rest room/ head who shot himself/ burning fire/ architectural manslaughter case. Which is kind of satisfying when you have been trying to "creep creep" write your readers.

I like creepy writing. This, too, surprises absolutely nobody who has seen me near a keyboard.

ETA: the words "survival horror" have cropped up and seem pretty descriptive when it comes to 15 and its settings -- abandoned juvenile detention facilities/ by the hour hotels/ bucky haight's farm / empty lots with floral tributes / burnt out schools / wrecked cars in the praire
  • How much do I LOVE that you were doing Blues Brothers research????

    THIS MUUUUUCH!!!!!!! ♥

    Edited at 2011-01-02 10:31 pm (UTC)
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