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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, still tired. Conveniently, it's just in time for bedtime.…

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frannie yellow
Okay, still tired. Conveniently, it's just in time for bedtime.

Also mummyfrog has found out that her Xmas chocolates are all nut-centres.

I eat nut-centres. Win!
  • Being tired at bedtime is a very good thing.

    Christmas chocolate is also a very good thing, but having too much of it is not. I have already had too much of it and there is plenty left. Maybe I should have someone hide it so I don't continue to inhale it all.

    Nighty! *zzzzzz*
    • Not when you can't sleep. :-)

      That said, I couldn't sleep because Callum and Hugh had decided to get it on in an abandoned hotel. In the lighting booth of the ballroom, to get specific.

      Now I just need to get specific, now RL is out of the way.

      I think the chocolates were designed by sadists - some of them were really weird/inedible.
      • This is true. Pretty much every night, for me. Hence, the lovely pills I take to make me go to sleep.

        Hmmm....that wouldn't be a bad thing to be kept awake by. Not bad at all!

        Boo for weird chocolates. Misuse of chocolate is a sin. Mine are completely edible, and I have just finished consuming more. Take it away from me! /o\
        • Callum is talking architecture right now.

          Smooth pistachio and walnut filling in sinfully dark chocolate.

          They're all like that and that was one of the more understandable options. It's like double!nut. Sure hazelnut centres are nice, but not with an almond croquant and a dusting of pulverised nut nougat. That might be overstating things, but not by much.

          It's like all the Lindor bbd bought to solve the question of what mum wanted for christmas. It's just so easier to have more of them (nut fetishists take note on that one) and then they're gone and guilty looks are exchanged.
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