little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

The Great Brane Robbery - with a side of atlas!

Hello everybody! The brain doctoring went somewhat better than I expected since we actually got an on-time appointment with a nice fluffy brain registra, who said:
a) I shouldn't take any pills I don't like
b) that means the ones that scare the socks off me
c) and probably scared the socks off shadowkitty and migaira
d) fits are worrying so report back if I have any extra ones
e) the new pills seem to be working
f) so have some more, provided this doesn't contradict point a
g) have you considered botoxing your headache? (yes, I know I look 12!)
h) so I am on the list for that once they actually license the procedure

And that is about that. Pretty much. The two other cool things about London went somewhat erratically:
1) I had duck noodles for lunch. We still don't know what bbd et.
2) Slight communication problem at my favourite cheap Chinese eatery.
3) Bbd wanted black-bean duck noodle. He got Mystery Rice. Which got taken away, substituted for today's Metro (while-u-wait) and then returned with black bean sauce on top.

and, when we got home:

4) it transpired that I bought the wrong Agents of Atlas trade at Gosh (opposite British Museum, with the bat-signal sign) and it wasn't this crazed fangirl's Agents of Atlas. This was truly and magnificently suckacious because it was AoA Series 2 Issues 6-11 when I have AoA Series 1 Issues 6-11 [which - for convenience of non-comics people - is about 12 issues ahead of me and right in a massive marvel cross-over which I don't understand] and hence totally incomprehensible. It also lacks the smart fun and geeky 1950s vibe that I associate with Mr Jeff Parker and the most kick-ass team in history. They have a talking gorilla. Okay? And a mystery brain-frying robot. And the most wonderful criminal empire/ front operations the world has ever known. Atlas Orphanage - full of Midwich Cuckoos; Atlas Biotech - growing dinosaurs; Atlas Dairies - making cheese. Okay, the last one was a mistake, but the gorilla bought a lot of cheese and that made everything better. Uh, consider that a huge tick in the things-you-should-read box. This one: ISBN-10: 0785122311. /dork
Tags: agents of atlas, brain doctor, brane, comics, comics recs

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