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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

15/Every Single Failure: Debate Team

15/Every Single Failure: Debate Team

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hugh house
Right now, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. Which is great, because I've been feeling like a headache sloth for the last three days and it's been getting to me. That said, I think the New Pills are definitely clearing some of the fuzz out of my head, which is great because I am making writing/meta notes and actually thinking about how things work. Dosk has got a lot of patience for me and my collection of vintage microcomputer advertisements and the difference between Joseph Mulgrew and Joe Dick (beyond the obvious, 15 years and a lot of drugs).

I think we can put Every Single Failure/15 as my due South big bang fic.

MacDonald High Arson Blaze

Yes, I've just noticed the Principal/Principle howler and it's fixed (just not on eljay) but I am currently much pleased with my photoshop skills upgrade. I'm hoping this is convincing enough (even if you don't think much of Joseph's extra-curricular activities. There should be more of this sort of thing - I'm solving my weird viewpoint issues (by creating more of them - shutupshutupshutup) and a lot of ideas seem to be pulling together and homogenising. Talking of homogenising - I've just realised that this thing could come out entirely gen. Weird.
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