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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Good Day! Good Day!

Good Day! Good Day!

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hcl: joenbilly
Today's writery thought is that Joe tells me that Billy "sucks executive dick"

There is no answer for that (yet) but Billy says executives have better taste - or was that "executives taste better"?

In other news, brain is being good and I have done many interesting and productive things today like changing the bird, washing up and framing some cross-stitch. It's a sampler that says "I only stitch on days ending Y" but I haven't got a photograph yet.

(don't worry, there will be a cross stitch pictures catchup shortly)

If anybody saw the mock-up newspaper but didn't have the super-vision to read it, the details of Joseph's extra-curricular activities is:

MacDonald High School Science Centre in Arson Blaze.

Exclusive Photograph: Fire Chief yet to clear building in asbestos scare

Principal fears high school vendetta behind devastating incident. Police questioning local youth, 15. Sources identify him as Joseph Mulgrew, Debate Team Captain, who won Local Shield with “High School is not High School: Why Drugs Mess With You and Your Grades” Prize student had previously staged “sit-in” protest against cream corn and was favorite for Student Politician

You likey? Me likey. There is a reason for this. And plot. And it gets weirder.
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