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Cross Stitch Time! My current WIP is a little ambitious - Angel of Love

I have a deep and juvenile wish to write that as Angel of Lurve, which I am far too mature to actually type.

Newbies - buzzy is a cross-stitch nut. Expect posts. I have some catching up to do.

This pattern is called "Angel of Love" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Lavender and Lace. It is something close to seventeen inches long, which is the size of my biggest frame.

It also is going to have 3000 tiny little beads on it. It never occurred to me to check the list on Marilyn's website so here am I, with enough beads to buy something better than Manhattan Island. I like beading, whether I like it once I've finished is another matter.

Currently, I am working on the Angel's skirt which is where most of the beads and metallic thread is. The designer helpfully points out Since the skirt of this angel is 90% beads and rich metallic threads, I consider the completion of this angel to be an act of love.

It's all very exciting (if you like embroidery) and (if you don't like embroidery) I share my enthusiasm with everyone. You might want to hide now...

Angel Of Love - Progress Picks II
Angel of Love - Progress Pics II

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