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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hard Core Logo -- Getting in the Mood with Vids and Notebooks

Hard Core Logo -- Getting in the Mood with Vids and Notebooks

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hugh house
There are things that just get you in the mood for a little light ficcage.

When it comes to working on my current Hard Core Logo WIP the answer is jcjoeyfreak's amazing The Scientist vid

The Buzzy Bedtime Theatre held a midnight showing yesterday and it covers 15/16/Every Single Failure beautifully. The song is - afik - by Coldplay and how can you get better than:
Nobody said it was easy, .... let's go back to the start.**
It's like a huge trip of reconnection with the canon and the use of dialogue in the "quiet" bits of the song is totally amazing and just freaking right. The bit with the time-travel scene is especially... the closest word I can get is "nostalgia" and that doesn't even cover the hollow feeling inside as JC reconnects the end and the beginning into a moebius strip of hurt. "You don't worry when I'm gone..." is just a little too much.

It makes me wibble.

And it works massively as far as my WIP goes (without saying) as it connects with me emotionally and plotting. ESF/15 is a time-travel story (as far as that goes) and it's all about the little things in the forthcoming attractions. Uh, the original version of the fic started with the line "Joseph Mulgrew was dead at fifteen" and I'm not sure my new version (c. 1,000 words of my big bang 20k) has the same emotional stomach punch going for it.

So, now I'm going to fake up some "sources" for my narrator so he can investigate and hit re-wind. Just remind me I need to include the time travel stuff in there somewhere. I already know that Bruce is showing my narrator the rushes (even if he doesn't know the agenda in this thing) and - yeah - it's pretty Joe-centric. So, let's get some school memories out there and in the interesting world of Fleur du Mall, MacDonald High and empty trailer-park lots.

You wouldn't believe the amount of note-book run time this thing is generating at the dead of night... especially as the Scientist wouldn't get out of my head last night. Which is why this vid rocks and you should fucking see it. /Joe

* It's time travel - I think - and it works backwards from the end of the movie. If you haven't seen Hard Core Logo and think your world needs improving by dysfunctional Canadian punks it constitutes a huge hairy SPOILER

** I am famously useless when it comes to quoting song lyrics especially when it comes to titling my own fic. There are some weird and eldritch examples out there.
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