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[Some of you have seen this twice] Another Cross Stitch Post

One thing all of you know about cross-stitch; buzzy has a Thing for Samplers. And it is a THING that could really do with CAPSLOCKING all the freaking time. And buzzy could probably do with getting out more, but currently the only thing the thing is getting buzzy out to is Knit and Knatter.

Hence lots of little samplers in orbit of lemon meringue pie

(which is mandatory Knit and Knatter fare).

(Because I say so. It's really good to Grandmotherly levels of good)

So this is enabling buzzy's THING and making it look social and healthsome rather than obsessive and reclusive.

So, today's sampler is from the Drawn Thread and called "For the Birds". It's done in linen with mostly DMC threads.

Mostly DMC was today's flail and panic moment.

I'd started on the alphabet border and the 924 was coming out greener than I expected. Then I fished out the other border threads and they were blue. Not just blue-ish (i.e. green) but out and out blue.

Ah. I fished out the bobbin, it was 924.

Anchor 924. *headdesk* This is very much not blue.

After Unpicking the teeny bit I'd done, I have this. Now to hit that alphabet border (again).

For the Birds as stitched by me.

P.S. today's icon is Armando "Mandy" Langoustini having a good time. aingeal8c will probably know where/when/as whom he is having a good time. Personally, it's Billy Tallent.

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