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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Return of the Sampler (another cross stitch post)

Return of the Sampler (another cross stitch post)

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hugh huh (twitch)
Once again, people of cross_stitch may have seen this already.

The design is called "For the Birds" and it was designed by the Drawn Thread. The bit with my name and the year is all my own along with the bird that looks like it is on rollerskates. The charms are ones I bought from the bead shop on Prince Street, Canterbury. Sadly, my lovely square picture frame is 1/4" smaller than the finished stitching. Clearly, I must now stitch a smaller sampler or buy a bigger frame.

For the Birds (finished!)

Other than that, the song from the Ribena advert is driving me up the wall even without the happy little black currants happily marching along to be pulverised happily to happily rot the teeth of happy children everywhere. Yes, I wasn't allowed anywhere near the stuff before I hit 21. The brane continues to HATE mightily and I am getting fed up.

  • That's so funny because state-side Ribena is a sophisticated drink used as a mixer for alcoholic beverages. :) Sounds more like Kool-aid there.
    • i think this is all one really long rambly sentence, sorry

      Ribena is one of those things you feed kids (at least kids c.198X -199X) and I got one of those mothers who didn't want me drinking something with more sugar than coke (plus, I was a little hyper and mum was screening everything for colourings) and to me as an adult it's one of those "acquired taste" things. Incredibly weak, I can handle it, but there is a whole empire of Ribena over here, just don't try the low sugar strawberry cartons, because they are horrible and taste of aspartame (not something I have much of an issue with normally but..) stomach turningly horrible.
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