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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm still here, just about, and still filling in depressing…

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kowalski: pinboard
I'm still here, just about, and still filling in depressing medical/benefit forms about how the Brane has screwed over my life since 2002 and why I don't have a life. Cheerful, much?

In other news, still not sure what possessed me to go into shop Monday and tell proprietor that her "I love you, your my mom" signs are offensively ungrammatical. Fortunately, I don't live scented candles or decorative/primative geegaws, so I can maybe avoid the shop for the rest of my life by sneaking behind St Mary's and running down Roman Quay and approaching Market Square from the rear...
  • LOL! Certain grammar things squick me too. I hate people messing up their/they're/there but your/you're comes close.
  • Bazinga!

    Mission accomplished, I'm proud of you! I've been trying to run sth. similar in German (we're adopting your genitive by and by, like Gisela's home, with the apostrophe before the s), but I'm running against very stony walls. Now that I've nearly accepted that situation, they begin to put an apostrophe before the plural-s, too. This effectively eliminates the only benefit of the apostrophe to distinguish between genitive and plural. Just...
    Hmm, what are you going to do when you've finished filling in those forms? Can't you write a book about it? It would be highly grammatically perfect (ouch, don't judge too hard on me when I mess things up in English)!
    Hope that you're as well as possible at the moment.
    Greetings from Chocolate country during fasting :)
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