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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This is a totally boring entry from my totally boring RL. Computing…

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hugh 4
This is a totally boring entry from my totally boring RL.

Computing for the Inept wasn't as boring as it gets, but was pretty darn close. Now with the added fun that is the library's entry into the twenty-four-and-a-half century, automatic book issue machines and whole new layout of confusion.

Wednesday, we went to Calais, where the booze cruise is just about hanging in there. Suffice to say, we weren't the people filling their trolley with $1.30/bottle plonk. I am not sure why I volunteer to go on these trips, as I get supremely queasy even when conditions can be described as relatively millpond. We were on the new superdooperferry the Pride of Britain, somebody less mature might rename it the Pride of Bleaurghh! It was rather alarming in the amount of minestrone soup. I continue baffled by non-landers (out/return on the same ship without getting off) and was really glad to get back on firmer ground.

We also did a museum, which made things much more interesting than the usual. Historique 39-45 might be off the beaten track and an "amateur" museum, but it is surprisingly huge and has grown out of two guys and their mind-blowingly extensive and comprehensive collection of WWII uniforms of all flavours, nationalities and obscurities. Oh, and lots of miscellaneous and explosive little things like iron rations, mines, razor blades etc.

[FYI - I live in Dover, where the local economy rotates around the ferry-industry as cheap day trips, less cheap day trips, and the man from Del Monte sending us pineapples. The classic "booze cruise" - getting cheap alcohol and tobacco in France and pushing as much in your car as you can claim as personal use for you, your friends, auntie Dot and the cat next-door... is still hanging on in there. It's just not the great discount it used to be and Revenue/Customs is getting better at nabbing amateur black-marketeers. Also, Tesco has shut up its Calais branch [where you could order your plonk online or at your local Tesco and then pick it up before you can say fast turnaround] which is a sign of a contracting market / apocalypse. Also, groceries are no longer a huge bargain. Sometimes, not a bargain at all.]
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