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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

the ungood, the good and the eep!

the ungood, the good and the eep!

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dS manga: ben with wings
Today is another day this week that will go down in history as "not great"

Beyond "work" based suck yesterday, and tomorrow's delightful funeral for grand-step-father, today was the day of the benefit-related medical interview thing.

Trying to explain anxiety when your anxiety concerns inarticulate and undefinable fear sucks.

Was possibly on better ground with the BRANE. Not a sentence you'd expect to read.

Otherwise, the_dosk and I are merrily singing the tetris music.

Mummyfrog has discovered that her police-man antecedent foiled sheep rustling in Wales by ordering the sheep-thief to deliver the sheep to the police station.

(that bit sounds almost like due South)
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