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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, I managed to hit myself in the teeth with my needlework. I…

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hugh house
Today, I managed to hit myself in the teeth with my needlework. I flipped over my 17" q-snap frame and donked myself on the teeth. I've hit myself in the nose before now, but teeth (upper, front) certainly hurt more.

Other than that, today is pretty morose and mediocre.

Depression/anxiety/obsession questions from Wednesday's medical continue to stalk me. As I have spent six hours stitching bits of angel, they make have a point.

Bbd is determined to make me happier, with daft jokes and lots of praise.

I need to get back to everyone who commented about my "work" issues, but don't know what to say. Except, that when (years back) I went to a "preparation for work" course, I found it impossible to communicate with the leaders that their whole negotiate-teamwork-shiny approach only works if you work with/for entirely reasonable and rational people. Most people work with people who are unreasonable, irrational or plain weird.

This is why I get sent out for beetroot sandwiches, on brown, no butter. ♥

That I am fine about. Srsly.

Just need to insist on catering before we are lost in a hail of bananas, tuna and bread-products.
  • Owwww. I've punched myself in the face before too...but nothing beats the day i walked into a cabinet door and gave myself a black eye.

    What are beet root sandwiches? They sound good!
    • Ouch

      I think you would just call them beets, horrible red things that come peeled and boiled or in vinegar. Or in my boss' super-healthy tuna-beetroot sandwiches.

      I guess the -root bit is to distinguish them from sugar-beet, which makes sugar. Ooh.
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