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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This might just be Bad Idea City. Re-attempting my dS big bang entry…

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hugh house
This might just be Bad Idea City.

Re-attempting my dS big bang entry (a damp squib) as a cross-over with a book precisely nobody else has read. It was called "Vamped" and I bought it because the narrator is called Kowalski. As in that cop with experimental hair and a turtle in due South. Obviously, they're related.

The best bit was that the world-building was really sharp, clever and well thought-out, which are not words normally associated with vampire-books and Mike Kowalski is just great and funny. The Benevolent Vampire Society, table-dancers and the Pope convert the world to vampirism, which is great, until Mike finds a four-year-old girl in the woods and is determined not to get her eaten.

Best thing -- the "safe song" is "you are my sunshine" *hee*

Of course, now I can't find the wretched book after the last bout of tidying (okay, at least four months and half-a-floor later...) and I needs it. But still:

Everything began with Ray's Uncle Mike. Who works for the Blood Marketing Board, but that's not important.

17/20,000 (that's a word count)
  • I've got a copy of Vamped in epub format if that would help. I haven't read it, but it's yours at


    Just change the hxxp to http
    • *twirls you muchly*

      I'm amazed you've heard of it. Very funny to start with, but it flags later and could have really done with a touch more plot. The problem with coming-of-age subplots is that they don't quite work when the narrator is the parent.

      (honestly, when did I become a critic? *fail*)

      (it made me laugh myself silly in places)

      So, thankies. Even if the dead tree version surfaces, this rocks so much, because Marty is an anecdotal vampire, so it takes a long time to find specific bits. Like back-story and what the blood marketing board actual does. (Protects the interests of the big blood conglomerates while stamping on the indy micro-breweries.

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