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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

How about a really bad idea? The whole cross-over/fusion fic…

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hugh house
How about a really bad idea?

The whole cross-over/fusion fic thing, about Ray Kowalski and his Uncle Marty.

I found the book, and started reading; it could be an appalling idea and heavy on the explanation. Only, then, I read some more of the book (Vamped by David Sosnowski)and start seeing ways and means of applying it as a general context thing. And a specific weird idea mine.

[for the catch up audience, buzzy might be doing a fusion fic thing in an attempt to write something (damn it, Jim) and wants to shift due South into a vampire book precisely nobody has read. When buzzy read it, she was on medically-ordained mind altering substances.]

[when buzzy has bad ideas they are spectacular and self-destructive]

It all began with Ray's Uncle Martin. Marty works for the Blood Marketing Board, but you don't need to know that... and maybe what begun the day that Ray joined the Benevolent Vampire Society doesn't matter either.
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