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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I was going to ETA this onto my last entry, but the content of my…

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hugh house
I was going to ETA this onto my last entry, but the content of my last entry got in the way.

Short version: buzzy is attempting to write a fusion-fic based on due South (the adventures of a Mountie, his wolf and two cops named Ray) and Vamped (a vampire-novel nobody has read, but has awesome world-building and a sharp sense of humour) and so:

It all began with Ray’s Uncle Martin.

Marty works in a cubicle at the Blood Marketing Board and plans small acts of subversion. The first thing Ray remembers about Uncle Marty is the bat-stickers on his envelopes come every Christmas. It’s the kind of thing Marty does when he wants to get cute and annoy the hell out of every human in Illinois.

Ray Kowalski has never really got how people get so obsessed with beginnings.

Given that Rays’s a detective in the Chicago Police Department, it might be ironic that he spends his nights tracing things back to the start. Tracing bodies to when they were people, things before they were stolen and lives before they became eternal.

Ray Kowalski’s whole damn job is about beginnings and he still can’t find the one that saw him chase a criminal to the end of the world, all on the word of a Mountie with a life-style issue and a wolf with selective hearing.

That is the sum total of all of it. 200 words. There might even be a plot.
  • I love you SO much. I want more! *grabby hands* Great focus on beginnings, because they are so prominent in dS and yet you can't really explain them, outside of "I came to Chicago..." LOL

    Who wrote the book Vamped? If you enjoyed it surely it must be worth the read. <3
  • I'm shifting the book universe a bit (since everybody is a vampire in it) to the more interesting idea of a human mountie in a vampire city. Also, here's one of my ideas:

    "Canada Dry doesn't even turn up on supermarket shelves here or on bar menus but it is still the same-old same-old joke that covers up an uncomfortable truth. Ray likes uncomfortable truths, because that means you are actually looking in the mirror and thinking about what you see -- now, that every pair of eyes in town are black and boring, looking has really gone down the pan in the romance stakes. Stakes are another old joke that isn't really funny, except that weird ironic-funny that folks in loft apartments dig. They like Bella Lugosi posters and blood-drive memorabilia, they decorate their kitchens with boxes of food they will never eat and fancy pan sets they get imported from Europe. A lot of that stuff gets routed through Canada, which brings us back to the beginning. Canada's dry. There are no vampires up in the north, you need a special permit to even get there and cross-border crime is hotting up. In one direction, you get day-light robbery (literally) the other you get kidnap and murder. They even bought the electric chairs from Texas specially for that. Ray never knew that Canada had a branch office in Chicago and he sure as hell didn't know why his seat was full of mountie with his fingers in Ray's files."

    The book's by David Sosnowski and the worst thing I can say is that it flags towards the end and the best thing I can say is that it is hilarious. A vampire in a world of vampires finds a little girl and takes her home for later (although, he wonders who he is kidding on that one - he's not exactly grr argh). Think kidfic with added vampires and jokes about Marty's vegetarian stint (he ate only coma victims) and a realistic approach to how he managed to recruit the world to the undead (which is - uh, so much for realistic - down to the Pope).
    • Wow, random spontaneous writing, I think I remember that.

      Sure, I need to bomb out my head, neck asprin and diet coke more often. [It's normally more of an either/or thing and I've got horribly reliant on caffeine as somebody with a low tolerance for the stuff... ]
  • P.S. Look at comments on the previous (x2) entry.

    You will find what you are looking for through the agency of one of my favourite lj peeps.
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