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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

So, today is the day of braneHATE and caffeine/asprin cocktails…

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kowalski dark
So, today is the day of braneHATE and caffeine/asprin cocktails (which totally need a cool name) and three-hour afternoon naps that leave me wired at 21:30. Asprin was at 20:00 so I'll probably crash out again come 22:15. Yay. Okay, last night's Who was too awesome for words (like, "I stole a timelord") and I am plagued with visions of an 11 fanvid set to You Make Me Smile (I like your messy hair/ I like the clothes you wear/ I like the way you see/ The way you dance with me) which is currently advertising Holiday Inn. One of the Computers for the Inept regulars has decided that my name is Miss Geek (thanks) and another thinks I'm "one of those really amazing volunteer people" she's heard about and is it okay to take up my time like this? (uh, yes, otherwise I'd get my freak out on the weekend /Headstones). And this is one of those rambly stream of consciousness entries where my fingers do the typing before the Brane does the wording.

Dosk is happily chattering about how last night proved his theories about Arton Energy (aka that glowly stuff now proven to the be one and the same stuff that sticks to time lords like something very sticky) and I am more interested in the idea of there being multiple maverick time lords out there (at least, before they got et) and that they seem to pick really cool aliases as well (which is probably one of those things that identifies them as maverick time lords rather than the ones that stay home and watch the panopticonic net while playing with their pegisto stick). Apologies for bad Gallifreyan spelling on that one. Okay.
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