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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

braneHATE seems to have come in a variety pack this week - we've had…

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welsh: headdesk
braneHATE seems to have come in a variety pack this week - we've had oppressive headaches, blanket headaches and stabby headaches and it is making me crankier and shoutier than usual. Not good.

Now, Americans, answer me this:

*if you say suddenly entertained an unexpected tea-drinker and had to franticly rummage to find tea, what would you (or Ray Kowalski) pull out? I was thinking Lipton Yellow-Label, but I'm not sure that works and my reverse Britpicking is rusty from under-use.
  • Yah, most folks have the Lipton yellow label sitting on a shelf somewhere. Another common one is plain herbal mint tea, it seems to be the backup. However I have walked into houses that brace for the worst and buy a Twinnings multi-flavor pack JIC.
    • Ooh, interesting. Twinings did a run of adverts with Stephen Fry introducing Americans to the world of tea and now I'm getting some weird mental image thingies.
  • Yeah, just about everyone has Lipton. We don't even refer to the yellow label, just call it Lipton.
    • What she said.
    • Your icon is hypnotic. Strangely, you don't see a lot of Lipton here.
      • Thanks.

        Lipton is the number one tea in the US. I would imagine there aren't many tea drinking households that don't have a box either for ice tea or hot.
        • I truly loath Lipton but it's true, I have a box AND a jar of the *shudder* instant because some company just expect that when you say "tea". So very wrong. (however I do use the instant for cooking)
  • Down here in the south we have Red Diamond. Lipton is in the stores but it's weak ass stuff.
    • Weak ass probably covers my tea-skills especially as my boss likes his tea weak, seriously over-milked and (notoriously) horrible and never really cleans his mug properly. So, it probably comes out with undertones of instant-chicken-soup. Ugh.
  • oh gods! Ray Kowalski would probably pull out Lipton or Nestea as iced tea is more popular in the U.S. than hot tea.
    • Oh, that's odd, I've had weird encounters with ice-tea, which seems to veer from sugared up cold tea to practically a juice drink with some tea-extract. It's hard to work out what's right (or for that matter what's actually drinkable).
  • Lipton. Or some kind of Bigelow tea - Constant Comment or one of the multiflavor boxes of herbal tea.
    • Now, that is something I have never heard of and it's almost due South in terms of weird quirkiness (I bet Turnbull keeps some in the kitchen and is waiting for anybody to comment constantly). :-)
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