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If you've been wondering what I am up to, wonder no more! This little pin-cushion has been finished today, ready for tomorrow with the knitting circle. It's one of those little things that people ask for without realising that it takes me the better part of a week to actually make something that lives up to my standards. The buckle assembly is so that it can be mounted on the free-arm of a sewing machine, ready for dress-making duty. Click through gets you incredibly large .png files.

overside of pincushion
underside of pin cushion thing

Let's just say this wasn't easy. Otherwise known as how many times did I have to unpick and restart things? Much too many, mostly my counting is off this week. Not a good thing when you find one of your identical square panels is neither square nor identical. Seesh. Be glad you couldn't hear me turning the air blue and getting distinctly peeved with myself.

The top panel comes from a Cherry Wood Design Studio freebie and the lower panel is from a Cat's Whiskers Design Studio (defunct designer)Xmas Ornament design. In a fit of karmic weirdness, both names boil down to the same acronym.

Strange World - Let's keep it that way.
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