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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Good morning, internet! There has been nothing interesting…

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dief: Dief cry
Good morning, internet!

There has been nothing interesting happening in buzzy-land. Excusing the need to crawl out of my head and sleep.

Besides that Dover is getting a replacement book-shop and this has caused a frenzy of excitement in the community. This says more about the level of cool and interesting events in Dover - nil.

Shifts at "work" are shifting about now, but two days on the go leaves me rather limp and tired. Most interesting visitor is the American lady who insisted on taking photos for her cat. Although having two independent visitors both spotting a unconventional (long demolished) pub name ("the cause is altered", if you wanted to know) and explaining parallels in their local history (which was both in the same place!) and the origins hereof.

I finished off the Orange Thing I was doing at Knit and Knatter - this gives me 48 hours or so to invent some other portable project - and in the exciting world of sims 2, the university is now home to "the newtonian apple depository and gravity research centre". Is that surreal enough for your satisfaction?

Hugs and bugs to all anti-headache huggers. You know who you are (possibly).
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