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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

For the non cross-stitch f-list members, here is a pretty picture I…

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mort: hi
For the non cross-stitch f-list members, here is a pretty picture I am working on.

For the cross stitch cognoscenti, here is an already-out-of-date update on my big project. This is "Angel of Love" designed by Lavender and Lace - she's going to be 17 inches tall with about 3000 seed beads. I like beading a lot. I like beading needles somewhat less (so I use quilting needles, which at least don't bend up underneath my nails - oucheroonie). Photographic credit (as ever) goes to the_dosk.

angel of love circa May 2011

Since then, I have got more of the right wing done (which is vexing) and done completely nuts with the beading. Today, I am concentrating on getting the right side of her cloak done to roughly the same length as the left side. I may be avoiding the wings right now, since they are horribly tough to count off the chart.

/nerdacious cross stitch talk
  • I love it so far!

    Why do you not like beading needles? I like them a lot because they are so long, thin, and flexible. I have mine with a slight bend in them so i don't prick myself very often. But then again, I am more of a beader than a cross-stitcher.
    • The ones I've got are twice the length of my quilting needles, which makes it harder to use up ends of threads (I finish by pulling the thread under the reverse of the stitches - longer needles mean longer ends and less stitches). Also, since my beading is done through (relatively) loosely woven cloth, then I don't really need the pointedness. Which saves my fingies.

      /needlework geekery

      I've just started another "baby" project for when my intellect is smaller than my angel. It's yet another sampler.
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