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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, the depresseds are in and partying with the anxiety thing.…

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welsh: headdesk
Today, the depresseds are in and partying with the anxiety thing.

Scenarios for tomorrow are going around my head and they are not happy-making. Key "work" people have some external factors which have shifted my in-days; but certain people are almost certainly not informed and may well be unhappy I wasn't in today (especially as certain "problem personalities" would have been) and I don't know how to handle multiple grumpy old men right now.

On the more interesting front:
1) My cross-stitch "dasies and blue birds" sampler has now been re-interpreted as sun flowers and blue birds. It's summery and better than stitching in block-dyed white when working with hand-dyed colour threads and their inherent wobbly tonal values.
2) I got a phone-call from the mental health people to whom the doctor referred me; they are sending me a pre-screening questionaire. It seems bizarre (and doubly so to bbd) to try and diagnose depression by post.
3) My boss has infected my writing with hyphens. Apparently all those post-hyphen-holes and bath-hyphen-houses have re-hyphen-programmed my brain. This is epic-hyphen-fail.
  • Oh hun, I hope today turns out better than you're expecting. I put your parcel in the post yesterday, so hopefully that at least will turn up in the next couple of days...

    • EEE! It's here. This rocks. I have paraded around the house with the t-shirt and shown everyone - especially the ray [blank] bit. Now I can add the pantyhose quote to post thing.

      [especially after "work" boredom]
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