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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

After epic branefail ate my windows, it was a relief to finally go on…

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hugh house
After epic branefail ate my windows, it was a relief to finally go on mummyfrog's long awaited shopping trip.

Still somewhat out of it, I bought some more new dresses from Debenhams (including this one), a blouse and a pair of -not-as-cheap-as-I'd-like sunglasses for swimming in on holiday.

[I don't where my glasses in the pool, don't have custom goggles like my parents and am fed up with squinting at everything]

I also got shoes: pink sparkly mary-jane-style trainers with flowers on them. I got them from the children's section. I am an (english) size 2 -- the children's department is often the only alternative to the granny-shoe department. This shop, less than usual, but they are warm and make my feet happy. Also stops people nagging me about my dubious foot circulations and their weird oxygen-starved mauve colour.
  • That's a very pretty dress! And wow, your feet are small - I thought I had it difficult with being a size 3 or 4. Though actually, what makes it difficult is that my feet are also narrow so anything vaguely ballet slipper-like (like oh, almost every shoe in the shops now) or that lacks adjustable fastenings over the arch falls right off my feet!
    • My feet are short, wide (f) and somewhat flipper-ish. As they don't taper at the toe end, I too hate ballet slippers as I can't jam my toes into the ends. Shoe buying is entirely too frustrating and makes me extremely wibbly.
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