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Currently, I have Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars playing in my head.

Is it just me, or is that the slashiest song on the planet? "God-given Ass?"

"Making Love with his Ego" just has so much potential. Seesh. Songfic.

With other musical news, I now know what an Orgone Accumulator is, this may make the Hawkwind song of the same name more comprehensible. Or not, given the levels of drugs, mental health problems and hot sweet tea involved.

[the hot sweet tea is Micheal Moorcock, who brought us Sonic Attack and insists that whatever the kids thought he was on, the answer was tea... imagine Patrick Moore joining McFly Muse. ETA: that would be rather nifty, with xylophones]

Back to Bowie: Don't let Milk Floats rob your Mind! O, denizens of the internet!

This is the bit where I subtly ask whether my talent of completely mishearing song lyrics has been switched on.

Also, I have very strange taste in music and know nothing about the exciting world of popular music. That's my alibi and I am keeping it that way.
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