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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Writing Blather / Hard Core Logo and due South

Writing Blather / Hard Core Logo and due South

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frannie yellow
Just a quick post to say that the branehate ate yesterday, which got me out of volunteering but into bed for about six hours. Still feeling a little ropey, so huddled down in lounge, finished my little sampler and started on a new kit. The new kit is conveniently timed to go with knit/natter and, given that it uses crewel wool, my "audience" might appreciate earplugs. *grumnblegrumble*

I'll try and get you a picture tomorrow. And a new bra [that's for me, not you]

On other news, one day I get this really great idea after listening to ziggy stardust too much - a hard core logo billyandjoe/mountie with post traumatic stress who has taken up hustling after his best friend shot him. Cue 400 words. By the next morning it had turned into former-mountie serving drinks in a uniform {gay} bar. Still so fangirl - skip ahead a little longer and the chicago cop is explaining to his new punkier partner... this a crime only the mountie can solve; but he has already been to Tuk looking for him and come up empty...

Can we say tortuously complication from PWP (non-ficers: variously Porn Without Plot, or its pg-rated friend Plot? What Plot?) to huge and massive potential AU with no actual central plot but a load of stuff that makes it sound like aukestrel's fabulously grungy, no-holds-barred= Distance Between (dS/hcl Fraser/Joe) and starfish's (the_star_fish) excellent Bar AU - The Way We Used To Be. Both of which, I rec intensively and with sheer flail. Of course, that bought me back to one of my favourite "What if..." scenarios of Ray Vecchio coming back only to find things extremely not the way things were and with Frannie (!) trying to break the news sensitively...

And now, you can all see that...

All happy thoughts, but not great on the buzzy writing front.

Editing for bad, bad html. That and Frannie left my trail completely derailed. Editing for more lousy html. Now to fight it out with the cruel crewel wool.

[tell me again, how much do I want that novelty pincushion]
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