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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

After a week of pants things happening to me (and yes, that does…

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fraser: I want to break free
After a week of pants things happening to me (and yes, that does include underwear) such as massive migraines, unsatisfying volunteering, everything going wrong at work...

Suddenly, everything went right *blinks* Oh, and I hit the shops and bought a load of second-hand sim goodness -- that's the four remaining expansions and nearly all the stuff packs for a tenner! Have I mentioned that that is totally bizarre?

Whether this flow of karmic make-up-events carries on into actually installing my haul, remains to be seen. I think I'm going to start undemandingly -- Ikea.

Yes, I swore I wouldn't buy any of the product-placement packs, but it was 99p.

And no, I have not been doing enough cross-stitch lately in favour of building virtual super-mini-markets. At least stitching produces tangible objects. And lacks the terrifying possibilities of killing my saved games/houses/stitching.
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