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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I went to "work" and now I feel like somebody is trying to wrap my…

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hugh house
I went to "work" and now I feel like somebody is trying to wrap my grey matter around an iron bar (or possibly the lead pipe from cluedo).

Also, I am hating my new keyboard - it is spectacularly crap and cheapo.

Which is a pain because the c-key on my good keyboard (the one without key travel from hell, ergonomics of ouch and extremely loud clunking) is only semi-fuctional. Gah! I normally use one of those dinky add-on keyboards for your laptop. This is because I have the hands of a seven-year-old (the upside is I can wear monster-puppet-gloves from the kids dept) and nowhere near an octave reach. Sadly, these days laptops are small enough to be super-portable and large enough to fit a nearly-normal keyboard. Which makes them hard to find and seriously, I paid homebase sixteen squid for this nightmare. And the tilt legs do not make this better at all.

OUCH ouch ouch -- my wrists hate me! Oucharama!!

Also, my boss gave my hyphen-itus.
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