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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Cross Stitch Time: Angel of Love update

Cross Stitch Time: Angel of Love update

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frannie yellow
In the unlikely event of you not knowing this, I am a frantic cross-stitch aficionado.

I also have a hubristic attitude to the insanely large, insanely small and insanely complicated. I also like beading, pointless needlework accessories (generally known as "smalls") and samplers. Since Christmas I've been working on "Angel of Love" - although I've also had numerous small and not-so-small side projects on the go as AoL is not portable.

When finished, she will have 3000 seed beads (mostly on her skirt) and eighteen inches top to tail. As my frame has a sixteen inch stitchable area, this could get interesting. My current target completion date is "before Christmas".

Considering that I am on the verge of a two-week enforced break of personal portability(did I mention she is as portable as my grandfather's desk?) then, I thought I might as well show you the progress so far. She is beginning to look really good and somewhat more complete. There's still more work to be done than you might think, but *shrugs*

Angel Of Love -- August 2011
Angel of Love -- August 2011

  • Whoa! This is bad ass! seriously. Love the patterns in the skirt part... so Klimt-ish!
    • Now I am thinking about hard core cross-stitch, the joe dick of cross stitch. The skirt is quite fun if a bit fiddly occasionally, and the way it builds up is really satisfying. You can't really see how bright and klimt-lish the skirt looks in sunlight. It's really dazzling. bbd has requested sunglasses.
  • That is looking gorgeous. I am amazed you have the patience! I used to do little bits of cross-stitch but when I try big things I tend to get 3/4 done and take a break for a couple of months.

    What do you do with all the projects you make?
  • So pretty!
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