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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

It is approximately my birthday, so thanks to scriggle for…

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hugh cemetary two
It is approximately my birthday, so thanks to scriggle for sending me the virtual sunflowers, they're lovely.

In strangely important news:

*I am going on holiday and won't be back until later this month.  It's Turkey and I am trying to get my enthusiasm together (still) and have defoliated armpits for the first time in 10 months.

In "What If They Had Done It?" news of worry and alarm.

Until they telephoned me last night, Etiquette Queen and Tame American were planning to creep down to Dover and "surprise" me.  In light of Item #1, this would have gone alarmingly pear-shaped.  

In other less exciting news:

*bbd and poundland are an extremely bad combination as he comes back with lots of useful extras we couldn't possibly do without and things he thinks friends and family can't possibly do without and the guy next door...
*my last reception/visitor day on Mars (Archaeology on Mars - buzzy's volunteer job - stuck somewhere c 1973 in more ways than one) and I bought my co-volunteer cake.  Quoth buzzy -- It's my birthday  Quoth Mystery Man ...and you like cake
*MM and I ended up swapping reading books -- I got Spike Milligan (I don't think Puckoon is the world's funniest book, but MM does) and MM got the Swedish Zombie Book Like Wallander Except With Zombies.*

Right now, I feel like a Swedish Zombie, the brane is hating with great abandon.

* by the same authour as "Like Wallander Except With Vampires"        [guess that book?]
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