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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello people of the internet! Here is an exciting first-time-ever…

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hugh house
Hello people of the internet!

Here is an exciting first-time-ever extra-mural LiveJournal post from gorgeous Turkey! It is very warm in Dalyan and something like living inside a just dried towel. We have been looking at some nice archaeology. Have you ever tried to write a postcard that is actually INTERESTING? It is very hard to come up with interesting bite-size events and anecdotes. We have a frog in our swimming pool. The hire car was exactly as described -- except the wrong model, wrong make, clutch burnt out and no GPS. That sounds a little too moan-some. See what I meant about interesting postcards? Food very nice. Weather mostly nice if windy. I recommend Aphrodisias on the ruin front. They buried the lead archaeologist in the middle of the site and even my boss would consider him a little too fanatical. _unhurt_ will understand how worrying this concept is. They even framed his digging trousers in loving tribute. Site huge but under-crowded and sculptures etc really amazing. I am now an expert on the design of Turkish road-stops and will probably end up populating Sims 2 with them and their many key features and unique selling points (such as mini-mosques adapted from sheds, tree houses, dinosaurs, honey symposiums and really big flags. In other news, holiday stitching is going nicely and I must give dosk this tablet thing back once I figure out how to unzoom the screen and fight off the autocorrect of confusion!

ETA - while we still have our five minutes of wi-fi connection, Dad and Dosk have an urgent mission -- to google ten solution to Angry Birds level 21 before it drives us all batty!
  • Sounds like you're having a lovely time!
  • ... on site burial: dubious. framing of digging trousers, on the other hand - i approve!
    • The digging trousers are truly epic! There is more patching than trousers. Srsly. They also displayed Dr Erims entire VHS collection, which was highly educational - how much Bette Milder?
  • This all sounds terribly interesting to me!
    • it mostly is! I have been experimenting with local soft drinks etc.

      cola turka tastes mostly of bubbles - I think you could launched launch space shuttles with it

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